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Tanzanite is a group of minerals called zoisite found in a small area in Tanzania. In millions of years ago, Mount Kilimanjaro is the source of zoisite crystals that are under the ground . However, even in the deep underground, these Tanzanite Engagement Rings gemstones are often found right on the surface of the earth among the grass and rocks. To this day, Tanzanite Engagement Rings is classed as one of the ‘Big Five Gem’ along with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

If you intend to buy a Tanzanite Engagement Rings type then before you need to understand the authenticity of the rock type, because now many types of gemstones or precious stones were falsified. For the authenticity of the stone that comes from Tanzania has a hardness level of 6.5 to 7 mohs with the content of chemical elements hydrogen, calcium, aluminum, silica, hydrogen and oxygen. As for the color blue is owned Tanzanite Engagement Rings yellowish or bluish yellow but are much sought after is the turn purplish blue color. To verify the authenticity of the Tanzanite Engagement Rings stone, you can burn the stone as if the stone is burned it will release three colors: blue, violet and burgundy. While Tanzanite Engagement Rings prices vary usually because the darker the color of the stone it will be more expensive, but it also depends on the size and quality.

But usually the prevailing Tanzanite Engagement Rings price in the market. If you want to rock always shows beauty then you need to know how to care for stone tanzanite, for the Tanzanite Engagement Rings treatment of stones in general is not difficult that is the way you need to set up a water bottle of oxygen, then the stone was added to the bottle and then close up tightly and store in the shade, in a state the Tanzanite Engagement Rings stone will proceed in creating a gemstone. The way you can do two months, but for treatment every day you can smear the stone with olive oil or baby oil, is that Tanzanite Engagement Rings gemstones can clean and always shiny. And most importantly, you also need to perform routine maintenance stone.

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