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The best way send or share large files, of course, is via USB or the like, but sometimes it is not an option. Therefore, the Internet can be a solution to share files online to your friends. You can use the data virtual room or so-called VDR. Discover an assortment of data room reviews on our website.

Here are the best ways to share large files online:
– Cloud Storage
One of the easiest ways to share files is to use cloud storage. To use this storage cloud itself is easy, you just need to create an account in the cloud service-related and directly use with most providers offer the service for free.

The drawback is that sometimes some of these cloud services providers impose limits on how large a file you can upload if you are using a free account. Some have a maximum limit of very small and some have a maximum limit large enough.

– Simple Sharing
Simple Sharing is actually very similar to cloud storage and indeed most people still refer to them as a cloud storage service, but some also call it as a file locker or storage locker. The only difference is you can do it quickly with me upload files to their servers, then send the file directly link to your friends.

It seems so easy, but usually these service providers will limit your speed if you do it for free, and the file size limitation is also very limited. Another disadvantage is the problem of copyright and the duration of storage, usually a file that you upload a file locker will be removed after a while or if they violate certain copyright. Therefore, simple sharing is not your best choice to make backup files.

– Direct Sharing (Connect Sharing)
The other ways are to share or send the file by using a third party service (a third-party service), but what if all of a sudden you want to send multiple files at once on your computer and you’re too lazy to deal with web apps? Then your best alternative would go round to share it directly (direct sharing or connect sharing) from your computer.

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