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Electronic Commerce (e-commerce), as part of the Electronic Business (business conducted using electronic transmission), by experts and business people trying formulated definition. In general, e-commerce can be defined as any form of trade / commerce of goods or services (trade of goods and services) using electronic media. Obviously, apart from those mentioned above, that the commercial activity is a part of business activity. In conclusion, “e-commerce is a part of e-business”.

Electronic media e-commerce are discussed in this paper for a while just focused on the use of internet media. Because the use of the internet that is currently the most popularly used by many people, in addition to the things that can be categorized as being ‘boom’. It should be underlined, with the development of technology in the future, open the possibility of their use of the network media other than the Internet in e-commerce. So thought we do not just stare at the mere use of the internet media.

Use of the e-commerce chosen by most people today because of easiness owned by Internet network, namely: the Internet as a public network is very large (huge / widespread network), like owned by a public network electronics, which is cheap, quick and easy access. Using electronic data as media messaging / data so that it can be done sending and receiving information in an easy and quick, both in the form of electronic data is analog or digital. From what has been described above, in other words; In e-commerce, the company conducting trade / e-commerce only related through a public network (public network) is the latest development using the internet. Trading through an electronic network with respect to transactions between companies which do not involve the end user. Three technology trade through electronic networks. Direct Connect (direct connectivity), in collaboration with telecommunications service provider. Value-Added Network (value-added network), this network is provided by the seller which not only provide the circuit but also provide a lot of services that are required to use the circuit for e-commerce. Internet, allowing a global communications network that not only connects trading partners but also includes the customer.

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