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Depression can come from anywhere and not only come from drugs. Fall in love with someone else also can cause a deep depression and can not find a reason for it. Sometimes, we are confused to cure a depressed person because they prefer solitude and did not want to meet other people. If we want to bring him to the psychiatrist, he would not want. Maybe we can learn this case from iboga experience how to treat a depressed person. As we know iboga or also known ibogaine is a drug for drugs addicts, alcohol addicts, and the other addicts but it can also use for depressed people because they also have a problem with their brain cells and ibogaine can improve it. If we stay in Europe areas, we can be easily found ibogaine center that sold iboga drug but if we do not life at there, we can search it in South America like Canada, Mexico, Peru and other countries there.

There is a story about iboga experience that can cure a depression person and make him better. We can call him Eric because he did not give a real name for his story. He can not let from his depression in 2010 and it caused by failed marriage with his beloved. He almost committed suicide because he can not withstand the shame and burden of thinking that he got. Until he gave the advice from his friend to consume iboga because it can let his burden for a moment. It does not cause addiction and just make people hallucinate in a moment. After he consumed iboga, his aware that there are many things he can do in this world and he want to achieve his goals. He becomes a new person with a new face but he still has the same goals. So, we can not take the lesson from Eric’s story and do what he have done.

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