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Many goods or services that we try to purchase onlinerequire us to enter sensitive personal Information, like
social security numbers among other things. This personal information could be used against us by crooks trying to access our financial accounts or steal our identities, Sometimes we don’t feel we have any option
but to surrender this Information, trusting that the people on the other end of the transaction are not only
honest but are actually who they say they are, But, what options do we have. sosial security card online

When contemplating sending your sensitive personal information to a company the first thing you need to do
is research the business you are dealing with Make sure they are reputable Research is done quite quickly
by typing in the words scam, rip off, or fraud, followed h the company name into any major search engine
and see if any results come up There are also many online forums available where people try to inform
others of bad transactions they’ve had online with individuals or companies,

Another way to keep your social security number to yourself more is to ask a company if there is an
alternative number you can use Some companies ask for social security numbers but will take a Driver’s
License for example Other companies will make up an account number for you that is unrelated to your social security number, The less your personal information is out there. the less chance someone can find it.

If you’ve decided that through necessity you need to register you social security number with a company
there are still ways to protect it You can ask that although they have our number on file, that they lease do not use that as your account number Also, if you are contacted online and are asked to verify your
social security number. disregard the messa e and make contact b hone With the company to see if they truly
need to check it Give your social security number to them online if required. once – but not on a follow-up email or popup Window

Though It Is known as a social security card online ??that number printed on It should be anything but social This figure is the magic key to all your financial accounts and holdings With it, a crook can do the simple task of sieallng a couple of hundred dollars from you or do the unbelievable and steal your identity There are ways to protect your social security number, and they start with being aware of what is going on and taking the time to make sure you are talking to the people you think you areI or think you should be

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