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Weeders or weeding tools are designed to help gardeners or anyone dealing with plants make the tasks of removing weeds easier. These tools are available in diverged types. The first type is the fulcrum weeder. Its tip has a split on its middle surface like a tongue of a snake. Then, it has a long handler for the user to be able to grab it comfortably. The Cape Cod weeder is the next type of these weeding tools. This type of weeder has a thin and triangular scraping head completed with a long handler.

The thin head will point out from the surface when the handler is held parallel to the ground. The last type of the tools is the crack weeder. This weeding tool is similar to the previous one, the Cape Cod weeder. Its design is created to help the user scrape out weeds growing in places like stone walls, crevices and other deep and narrow places. With many types available, anyone can choose a weeder which can suit the needs.