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Specifically what courses will be on the curriculum when you go to Medical Assistant School. Have you considered getting training for medical assisting? It is definitely a good profession to be getting into. Did you recognize that job growth for medical assistants is expected to continue to rise for the next 5 years? Perhaps that’s why you are considering this career choice.

It’s very important to get training of some kind before you become a medical assistant. You will find a variety of courses and schools that can leave you ready for life as a CMA. But what sorts of subjects are taught? Is it going to be extremely hard?Today, we’ll go over some of the basic classes that you’ll find in your curriculum, and what these classes involve.

Clerical and Administrative Skills

Computer Techniques – You will be shown basic computer skills that you’ll need to learn in your office.

Ethics and Law — Medical law is a very crucial subject, and will help you learn about patient’s medical records, how to treat your patients, and various laws that apply to your patients.

Record-Keeping — Learn how to take records, how to chart different procedures that have been done on patients, and also learn about privacy laws regarding patient’s personal info.

Medical Transcribing – You may also need to learn how to write out your doctor’s words into legal files in an appropriate, legal and binding manner.

Insurance – Learn how to manage insurance claims and work as a liason between the patients and their insurance company.

Clinical and Medical Skills

Medical Assisting Basics — You will generally get a basic course that will teach many of the routine jobs that are performed by CMA’s. These can consist of learning how to take vital signs, simple first aid, as well as learning many of the ins and outs of the job.

Anatomy – A basic anatomy of the human body must be acquired, so that you are familiar with all parts of the human body.

Laboratory Work – Learn how to carry out work in the laboratory, use the machines, draw blood, put together samples and many other lab functions.

Prescriptions — This course helps you make prescriptions. It also prepares you for the dangers of drugs, as well as the basics of how drugs work.

Possible Courses

Phlebotomy – The study of drawing blood, either for transfusion or tests

Radiology — Learn to take X-rays and assist the radiologists in doing so.

Microbiology – Having to do with cells, molecules and other bodily functions not able to be seen by the human eye.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of subjects that will be taught in your schooling as a medical assistant. Most of what we’ve gone over today will be taught in both 1 year and two year programs.

If you do go to college for two years, though, you’ll also take a number of other courses that may not specifically apply to medical assisting. As you probably know, this is standard for most 2 year and 4 year degrees. However, these “prerequisites” will come in handy if you decide to go ahead and get a 4 year degree at some point in the future.

Hopefully this may answer some of the questions you may have relating to the types of courses and studies that you will learn as you get your medical assistant certification. A visit with the school you’d like to attend can give you in great detail the specific course names and have you fully prepared for the start of your schooling.