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If you want to buy a new small air compressor should verify that do testing in the store or at home, because if not in the first test and compressors have been installed / connected with the condenser and compressor new conditions turned out to be unsatisfactory, the compressor can not be refunded. How so that we know the compressor is still in good condition and ready to use, first thing you need to do is: Measure third tanahan terminal SCR to the body compressor with multi tester scale ohm (O) 1x ohm, if there is any resistance and the needle moves up means the compressor the small air compressor body was on a bad contact or short-circuited, if the needle does not move when connected to the compressor means a compressor body in good condition. Small air compressor function to generate / produce air pressurized by sucking and compressing the air then stored in a tank of compressed air to be supplied to user (pneumatic system). The small air compressor is equipped with a tube for storing compressed air, so the air can reach the number of and pressure required.

Small air compressor air tube to the compressor is equipped with a safety valve, when the air pressure exceeds provision, the safety valve will open automatically. Selection of types of compressors are used depending on the requirements the use of which must be fulfilled for example by working pressure and volume the air will be needed in the system equipment (valves and cylinders pneumatic). These small air compressor also with piston compressors, as it comes the working piston back and forth or reciprocal motion. inclusion air intake valve is governed by and is inhaled by the piston movement away from the valve. At the time of suction, air pressure inside cylinder decreases, so that outside air into the cylinder will be naturally. At the time of movement of the compression piston moves to the bottom dead point to dead point, so that the air above the high-pressure piston, hereinafter put into a storage tube air. Small air compressor storage tube equipped with one-way valve, so that the air in the tank will not return to the cylinder. The process is ongoing to obtain the necessary air pressure. Sucking motions and compress the tube into this container continues over time, in general, if the pressure inside the tube has exceeded the capacity, then the safety valve will open, or a driving engine will shut down

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